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Kandra located in Jharkhand state of India is a small town in the Seraikela-Kharsawan district. It is statically located and boasts of distinct and affable culture alongwith beautiful spots that make this small place a tourist paradise. The people of Kandra are very simple. There is presence of people belonging to different races, castes and creeds. The tribal culture dominates the region with people being ardent followers of their religion. The greenery surrounding the place adds charm to this part of Jharkhand. The people love to spend free time in the company of their near and dear ones with agricultural practices dominating the area. The craft and artistic patterns have tribal inklings to them. All the scenic and picturesque beauty of Kandra will surely enchant you with its magic.

About Kandra

History of Kandra

Kandra is a small town in Seraikela district and its historical origins can be traced to this district in great way. Being part of Searaikela it was under the dominance of Singh Deo Family which ruled over the entire region for most of the period of history. The small town too saw the test of time with the royalty and British infiltration. The royalty however might have finished with time but they still mark their presence on occasional functions and annual dance festivals and other cultural activities.

Geography of Kandra

To any place the geography is marked by the regional extent to which a region spreads, the temperature and climate of the place and to combine them all the relief features of the place. Let’s take a glance towards the geographical features of Kandra which is located in the Seraikela district of Jharkhand.The town of Kandra is located at an elevation of 741 feet and is located at 22.85°N an 86.05°E. Most of the region is still covered with forests.The climate of the region is normal type with very high temperatures in summers and very cold temperatures during winters from November till February. The temperatures are on the higher side from March to June with very high degree of hotness during May. After the rainy season however mercury dips a little bit. The temperature ranges from 30° Celsius to 44° Celsius during summers, and 14° Celsius to 30° Celsius during winters.
The rainfall is average .The average annual rainfall mainly starts from month of July till September.

Demography of Kandra

Population of the town has increased meagerly during the last four decades. The population of the town as we go by 2011 census is 11,210 of which 53% are males and 47% comprise the female population. Sex ratio is 853 and literacy rate is 61% higher than the Seraikela district and higher than national average literacy of 59.5%.72% population of the males are literate with 49% females being literate.13% of population in Kandra is under 6 years of age. The major part of the population comprises the tribals following whatever religion they wish to follow.

Infrastructure Development in Kandra

Out of the total land few hectares are developed. The land in the area has been used for various purposes. It is one of the very versatile towns with all amenities and facilities. It has the oldest factory of India set up by the Adhunik Group. Another major industry of the region is the Neelachal Iron and Power ltd. The simple town of Kandra enjoys facilities of several hospitals and schools. All the major banks offer their services round the clock to meet people’s demands and needs.

Culture of Kandra

Kandra, although a small town but has a very rich culture with diversity in all aspects of life. The people live a simple life and they have managed to maintain the old world charm as they are still untouched by commercialization. Their cultural traditions are a treat to the eyes and provide solace to mind proving that old traditions are deep rooted and well performed. Apart from Hindi, Bengali is also spoken by the people of Kandra. The traces of Bengali and Oriya culture are also seen in their way of living. Their attire is too simple and follows the generally follow the seasonal pattern. The women are mostly clad in cotton sarees during hot summer months which gave to saree wearing alongwith shawls and sweaters in winters. The men are mostly clad in cotton dhotis and this gives way to being clad them in sweaters and trousers.

Profile of Kandra
Chhau Dance

To any society music and dance are an integral part for its growth and development. Without music and dance life would become too simple and boring. The same is true with Kandra also where one can find essence of trabl folk culture in firm of songs and dances. Chhau Dance, Santhali Dance, Dhimsa Dance are some of the most popular tribal dances of this region. Each of these native tribes possesses its own evident dance traditions and customarily all of them are intertwined with the existence of the groups who dance in it.

Economy of Kandra

The main occupation of the people is agriculture and pastoralism. Since there are some industries also in the region there are wage laborers as well and a lot of work got generated for the people when they turn out in huge numbers to work in factories and mines. A lot many of the people are skilled laborers and they produce marvelous works from the wood and craftsmen produce amazing handicrafts which are famous all over India.The tribal art patterns are to be seen in every form of art. The people of Kandra are truly great hosts as they basically have small dwellings but whatever they can offer to their guests combine utter sense of respect and admiration for them. They are simple people with great set of values for the new people coming to visit their place.

Food in Kandra

A region is known by the cuisine it specializes in. The people of the kandra are vegetarian and non-vegetarian. They get food mainly from agriculture and forest products, cereals like Jowar, maize, Kodo, Kutki, Wheat, Rice etc. Various types of Pulses, Vegetables and fruits are consumed to an extent depending upon their local availability. Food habit varies from season to season and also depends upon the availability of the food-stuffs. They eat meat in the festive season not from the nutritional point of view but because it is their custom. The dishes rolled out are very tasty and different he flavours conjoined in all these dishes are so ethnic to the region that they can give any fast food joint run for their money. These dishes have a touch of Bengali and Oriya food combined with the Bihari flavours as well. One of the most sort after dish of the region is the litti chokha and the pooris with aaloo sabzi.

Art and Crafts of Kandra

A lot of crafting patterns of Kandra are influenced from the state of Jharkhand. The magnificent masterpieces created by the workers are really admirable. We can find the intricate detailing on beautiful wood carvings. Kandra people here majorly work and refine their skills in wooden craft which is very admired as the whole place is encircled by forests all over and wood is accessible in large capacity here. This wood is used by skilled people to create distinctive and vivid artifact that are useful in everyday life and also for embellishment and other purposes. Some such items which are highly regarded creative and useful by people include windows, door panels, boxes, wooden spoons and so on.Another famous handicraft that is treasured and cherished by one and all in Kandra is the Bamboo handicraft. In this the people use bamboo to make items like boxes, fishing equipments, baskets and decorative items.

Information on Kandra
Bamboo Crafts

Metal craft and stone crafts are amongst other crafting traditions followed by people of Kandra in Jharkhand. It is popular with Tentri and Malhar communities who are known to be connoisseur in these crafts. They make innumerable household wares and decorative items out of metal which are used by people for daily usage. The tribal people of Jharkhand create beautiful Ornaments of flowers and metals and these people are very fond of wearing them. The tribal artists make unadorned and attractive jewelry with metals and beads. These ornaments are created to show up the stylishness of the customary culture of the region. The local markets are the best place to have a look at these wonderful pieces. Being a small place we won’t be able to find big shops or showrooms but what a native produces with his heart and soul into any work of art is to be looked upon for.

Religion in Kandra

In contrast to Hinduism, Christianity is a recent occurrence in this region, the beliefs and doctrines adopted in the Christian religion left a deep-seated and extensive - stretched impression on tribal mind and life. The work carried out by the Christian missionaries in the region not only covered the religious sphere of influence but it also influenced the socio-political life of the tribes settled here. These missionaries helped these tribes top rise in a great way be it the educational sphere or providing health facilities. Therefore a large part of the population holds its belief in the religion of Christianity though people of other faith do exist in the region.

Festivals in Kandra

Kandra is a small town and is famous for the festival of Manasa Devi who is regarded as goddess of snakes and is responsible for protection from snake bites and snakes. Generally, Manasa is worshipped without an image. A branch of a tree, an earthen pot or an earthen snake image is worshipped as the goddess, though images of Manasa are worshipped too. She is worshipped for protection from and cure of snake bites and infectious diseases like smallpox and chicken pox. The cult of Manasa is most widespread in Bengal, and other parts surrounding the region,where she is ritually worshipped in temples. The goddess is widely worshipped in the rainy season, when the snakes are most active. Since Kandra is situated in the hilly terrains with lots of forests and greenery the snakes are bound to make foray into the household anytime so the people have found divine intervention to be the best remedy to ward off these slimy creatures.

Tourist Attractions In and Around Kandra

Kandra Tourism
Tuskers at Dalma Wildlife Sanctuary

Kandra is a small town nestled in the heart of Jharkhand and is surrounded by greenery and forests all around. One can majorly involve themselves in seeing the forests and nature in its full glory. The flora and fauna of the place could be enjoyed with full vitality and people could move out for nature walks and strolls. The small parks and lush green environs everywhere provide perfect spots for relaxation from mundane city life. The passage from city to village life with tribalism to the core could be felt in this small town of Kandra. Apart from this there are certain tourist attractions near the town of Kandra:

Adityapur Toll Bridge near Kandra: It is a bridge connecting two places and has cut off the commutation time between the places considerably.

Shiv Mandir in Hariom Nagar near Kandra: This is a famous temple in the region where devotees come in large numbers to seek blessings from divine almighty.

Joida near Kandra: It is a small town situated near Kandra.

Dalma Sanctuary near Kandra: It is one of the most visited sanctuaries in the region. Set amidst the backdrop of green forested region it is wonderful opportunity for nature lovers who can stroll in the green background to enjoy the floral and faunal beauty.

Sitarampur Dam near Kandra: It is one of the most important dams being built in recent times. It is built beautifully and serves the water and electric needs of the masses.

Kharkai River near Kandra: This river near the Kandra region gets flooded by water during the rainy season.

Transportation in Kandra

Kandra is well connected to all major places of Jharkhand by rail. Travel by road is one of the most important and biggest means of transport. The roads are well maintained and a lots of tourist buses do to and fro from the Seraikela Kharsawan district. There are auto rickshaws and rickshaws available scarcely being a tribal region. To travel into the interiors of Kandra one has to board local buses or taxis which are easily available from the airports or railway stations. A lot of state run and private buses make to and fro journey across different parts from this town. The town can be accessed by air with connectivity through Jharkhand air port which is further connected by road from there.

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